Month: July 2004

Whistle Stop

I’m just settling in to a relaxing weekend after a whirlwind of travel over the past week. My travels started off in Wales, running my first ever Ascent program. The event lasted until late Sunday afternoon and culminated in a climb to the top of Mount Snowdon. I couldn’t believe it was mid July, especially …

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On Fire

My world’s on fire. I’ve been hoppin and poppin over the last few weeks. My trip to Copenhagen was outstanding depsite having to spend most of it in the rain. We arrived Thursday and had originally planned to stay in a hostel just to the north of the city. But on arrival we thought we’d …

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Another Adventure

I’m off to Denmark for a few days. I’ll mainly be in Copenhagen, but hope to get out to the countryside as well as make a ferry trip across to Sweden.


I suppose any of you long time readers of my weblog can tell when I’m going through period of distractions because my entries become very infrequent. I’ve been quite business travelling up and down and across the country over the last month or so, plus things are changing at work…for the better I might add. …

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