Time to clear the clutter…and so I spent the entire day today clearing out my garage which is or was full of stuff I’ve been carting all over the world with me and never using always hanging on to the what if. And I’m sure as Murphy’s Law would have it, I’ll will find myself needed something I’ve thrown away today, but oh well sometimes these things just have to be done. Next week…the attic!!

I’ve allowed myself to wander from the path and have fallen into some old habit, though I suppose with change there is always some evidence of back sliding. Anyway, I’ve recognised it, now it’s time to move forward again on the path.

Is there a such thing as destiny? Are our lives controlled by fate? I ask myself these questions as I wash last night’s dinner dishes and think about Tracey Emin’s mockery of art and culture and the excesses to which people with to much money will go like Charles Saatchi buying Emin’s My Bed (literally her bed strewn with vodka bottles, used condoms, and old panties) for £150, 000. How can this be when there are people dying of starvation and deprivation? What does this say about us as a so called evolved species? War is often cited as evidence of man’s inhumanity to man. I would suggest that Tracey Emin and the folks that buy her so called art is another example of man’s inhumanity to man.