We did some climbing in the Peak District at a place called Birchen’s Edge. The weather for once was our friend. I’ve been living in England for 4 plus years now, and I must say that the weather is the only thing I really don’t like about the place. Anyway, I hadn’t been climbing for a while, so I was glad when Paul called and asked if I’d be up for getting out into the hills. We climbed Trifalgar Wall, Trifalgar Crack, and Nelson’s Nemesis before the rain came in and ruined the party. I picked up a few bruises, but otherwise had a great day on the crags.

Watch me unravel, I’ll soon be naked….what a great line.

I’ve been buzzing most of the day despite my project being pulled at the last minute. I was due to finish it tomorrow and was about three quarters of the way with the final edits. But it looks like the module won’t run, at least not for the near future. No worries. I’m now free to move on to the next project which looks like it will center around a topic I find very enjoyable and stimulating and that’s leadership and motivation.

I’ve had several short burst of distractions in the form of potential business ventures, but I solidly stuck to pursuing my dream. I even went so far as to write the first draft of a story this week, although admittedly I have been struggling to get back to it and rewrite the second draft. I want to assume the title of prolific writer, but as I struggle to even write the few words I rattle out in this diary and on my weblog, I’m not sure that such a sobriquet will ever be my namesake. Though I wonder, what would make me such? Is it, as Seneca once said, that writing is easy if you have something to say. Perhaps that’s it; I don’t have much to say at the moment. Perhaps it’s because I’ve spent so much of my past time not using my mind for anything beyond the trivial pursuit of ordinary functional day to day living.

There are men of words and there are men of action so says the poet. I would say I am a man of action who wants to be a man of words who wants to be a man of action.

After all my travelling about last week, it was only fitting that i had a lazy weekend. I laid about like a lazy lion soaking up the Savannah sun on a soup warm summer day. I feel guilty when I’m lazy, but sometimes the occassion calls for doing nothing except recharging the old batteries, regaining a sense of freshness about the world or least my place in the world.

I thought the term MILF was reserved for the vocabulary of the Beavis and Butthead monkey spanking porn addict. But alas, I heard MILF floated amongst the crowd on the High Street and out of the mouths of babes (well babes of the grown up full bossomed variety). I was walking behind a couple of girls, one of whom was pushing a pram with a toddler in it. The usual exchange of chitter chatter volley’d between them. And then I hear….

“Hello MILF.” By way of greeting as a new girl joined the pair.

“Hi MILF.”

chuckle, chuckle.

I had passed them by then, but I had to turn around to see if indeed they were worthy of the sobriquet MILF. I tipped my hat and smiled, for indeed they were….

I went a little out of focus over the last few days. I tend to do that when I’m on the road a lot. I lose my routine, which I suppose is not a bad thing. It’s so easy to become as stale as a 10 day old chicken in a meat grinder. The only routine I hate interrupting is my physical fitness routine. I usually take my workout gear with me when I’m traveling, but the grind of the road takes the umph out of me. I did manage to go for a run once while I was in Edinburgh last week, and boy am I paying for not running the other four days. I ran 2.5 miles today and it hurt. Usually I can run 2.5 miles in my sleep, but today I felt every jarring slap of my feet hiting the pavement. And don’t even get me started on the stitch i got during the run, or the cramps I got while doing situps. You would think, I was a rank amateur.

I’ve restarted my 0430 morning meditation sessions again. My mood for the day seems to be more stable when I spend time meditating in the morning.

I spent most of today buried deep within the bowels of my laptop. I’m under a pretty tight deadline for this elearning module. The projects not going quite the way I’d hoped, but then they never do, do they? I reckon I have another 2 days designing before moving into the test phase.