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Sexism through the lens of a society ruled by women

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Come on ladies, are we men really that bad? Eleonore Pourriat seems to think so. She portrays us as oversexed monsters in her short film, Oppressed Majority [watch above], where she examines sexism through the lens of a society ruled by women. I guess you mostly only ever view the world through your own spotted lens, so when someone like Eleonore …

stand by your man

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I wonder what was going through Tommy Sheridan’s mind as he stood clutching his wife outside the courthouse, where he had been found guilty of perjury, while she gave a canned speech about standing by her man. A man who had been outed by the News of the World as being a swinger and a serial adulterer. Why that was …

can’t get enough sex

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I am sitting in a greasy roadside diner.  The smell of cooked fat sits heavy in the air.  I know that when I leave here, the smell of grease will have crept into every fiber of my clothes.  People will think that I work in a kitchen. I try to convince myself that sitting close to the door might help …