mountain days

I spent some time in the Brecon Beacons yesterday with some friends.  We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect mountain day.  The sun shone bright against a blue sky offering us some warmth out of the shadows.  We walked a trail that is less frequented by the casual weekend hiker, which meant we basically […]


Ah the joys of coming home and the anticipation of sleeping in my own rack.  I had a late flight in from Scotland.  I used BMI Baby instead of Fly “May” BE.  The BMI Baby crew actually seem to have pride in their company and treat their customers with a little dignity and respect and […]


I pretty much had a quiet day.  I read An Enchanted Life until mid-afternoon, cooked myself a late spaghetti lunch and then watched the two episodes of Heroes that have been waiting for me to watch them.  The rest of the eveing I spent on packing for my trip to Scotland tomorrow, plus a few […]


I spent last week in Cornwall on part two of my summer holidays. I’ve wanted to visit Cornwall since I moved to the UK. 7 years later and I’m finally visiting what has been described as the English Riviera. Well on day one it was all English and no Riviera. It rained like crazy while […]