yoruba legends

  This past week or so I have a huge demand on my intellectual reserves so there hasn’t been much time left over for blogging.  But no worries, I shall endeavour to persevere.  I’ve been doing some research on African legends.  I thought I’d share a few of the stories with you.  Here’s one about […]

consumer units

(Picture: Birmingham, New Street) We live in a consumer society and it runs on a simple principle – our lives will be better if we buy this car, own this home, eat this food, use that mobile phone, drink this beer, or wear this brand of clothes.  We have allowed ourselves to buy into the illusion […]

reason is a whore

(picture, created in photoshop, click here to see a larger view) “Reason is a whore, the greatest enemy that faith has.” – Martin Luther Martin Luther didn’t have much good to say about reason.  He likened reason to the Devil’s bride, a “pretty whore” that comes in and thinks she’s wise in what she says […]

First Snow

We had our first snowfall this morning.  I wasn’t expecting it so when I walked out into the garden for my morning tea and meditation session, I was both shocked and excited.  I love first snowfalls.  It’s like nature has laid down a fresh coat of white paint on everything and at once I get […]

Serial No. 3817131

Hail-oh hail-oh infantry Queen of battle follow me Nothing in this life is ever free So pick up your weapon and follow me Being a soldier is tough business.  The blood, the sweat, and the threat of combat are constant companions.  I lived the life of a soldier for 11 years.  Something I always found […]