Embracing the mystery of life

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We seem bent on giving everything a label and once it’s labelled we no longer truly engage with the object or person we have labelled. Instead, we make judgements and decisions based on the idea of something, not the thing itself. If I label myself as a life-coach, for instance, you probably have a mental reference for what a life-coach …

Long Way Home

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Not long ago, I had a sort Robert Frost moment. I was in Bristol visiting the in-laws. I decided to take a path I had never walked before. The path led me through a big playing field bordered by houses and a cemetery. I always get a sense of my own mortality whenever I come across a cemetery. I see …

closing in

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Hunter S. Thompson was always going on about the beasts closing in.  I know, more so than ever, what he was going on about.  I can feel the beasts closing in on me.  But I have a few more tricks up my sleeve.  I’m not ready to be caught yet.

the brain

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Change your brain. The revolution begins internal and will not be televised. It will be posted on YouTube and get a million hits. The brain is the key. Make it sweat, make work. The brain is the source. The entire universe is contained in your brain. Harness the power. The brain is God; it reigns supreme.

a night by the river

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A sip of whiskey, a polo, and then it’s time to go. Rushed straight out into a traffic jam, everybody seems in a hurry to get somewhere, but where they are. We’ll all get there in the end, don’t you worry about that. I suppose the question is will you enjoy the ride? Whenever I need to clear my head, …

happy father’s day to all you fathers out there

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I am awakened by the howling of my neighbor’s cat beneath my window.  I had intended to have a lie-in seeing how it is Sunday morning.  I don’t usually lie-in.  Perhaps my neighbor’s cat realizes this and is trying to keep me from regretting not getting up early.  I stumble out of the bed.  I might as well not let …

19 and life to go

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I am glad I did the things I did when I was young.  I lived hard and played hard as a soldier and a young man.  I see some of these young kids in the call centre and I think what a waste of youth.  I am working with a 19 year old girl and she is absolutely miserable.  She …

life is

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life is confusing life is good life is crazy life is upside down life is limited life is awkward life is exciting life is scary life is brilliant life is dumb life is mad life is love life is a cold beer and a pretty girl

go to war or go to jail

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(The photo is of me on a training exercise back in the day.  Note:  I have an AK47 in my hand.  Rawdawg will appreciate that.  Click on the photo to see a larger version.) — Here is a little known fact: by formal education, I am a military historian.  You start life down one path, then end up on another.  …