On Dicing

Okay so I haven’t done well on the dicing…I make so many decisions a day that hald the time I coundn’t be bothered to role the dice and the other half, I couldn’t stomach the idea of leaving the choice to chance instead of deliberation. I have to let go and embrace the randomness. But […]

Weird Wonk

I’m in a lull before transition…transition between phases…it’s like the quiet before the storm type of thing were I feel calm and confused and unfocused. Best cure for it is just to read and ride it out. I started rereading the Balkan Ghost by Robert Kaplan. He is one of favorite literary travel writers. I’ve […]

The Dice Man Cometh

I stumbled across a 60 second interview with Luke Rhinehart in Friday’s edition of the Metro. I had never heard of the dice theory before even though Luke’s original book appeared 30 years ago. At any rate, I did some surfing around to find more enough on ‘dicing’. It sounds like an interesting concept…I might […]


Okay, I’m happy now. I’ve found my way around enough to be comfortable. I currently maintain a blogg on http://www.soulcruz.com but as I like the look and feel of livejournal, I think I will start migrating my thoughts over here. I especially like the fact that I can update from the road considering I do […]