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If your offering isn’t remarkable it’s invisible

If your offering isn’t remarkable it’s invisible

Yes, I’m re-reading Seth Godin‘s book – Purple Cow. When I first got on the Internet, it was easy to get noticed because there simply weren’t that many people on it compared to today.

Now the game is saturated with players.

How do you get noticed? How do you get people’s attention and hold their attention long enough to start a genuine conversation?

Notice I said genuine conversation. Not the surface stuff you mostly get as the other person jockeys for position waiting for the part where they get to tell you all about them and what they do and why you should buy from them.

Of course, the trend these days is to go mass media with our message. So we make posts that speak to many not to one hoping that the old adage, “if you flood the social streams with your content, they will come buy your stuff,” will hold true.

Personally, I like Seth’s philosophy of connecting with the few.

The few who love what you do and what you stand for so much that they freely tell their friends, family, and colleagues about you.

It’s how ideas spread. I tell a friend. That friend tells a couple of friends. And so on and so on. We trust our friends more than we do clever marketing and click-bait.

How do you get your customers and clients to tell their business and social networks about you? Because we all know, word of mouth is the best form of advertising and promotion.

Well, instead of focusing on the many, focus on the one or two. Wow their socks off so that they become an advocate/disciple/evangelist for you.

I’m trying hard to refrain from going on a rant here – a rant about how people don’t have time to form personal relationships. I won’t though.

Instead, I’ll leave you with the words from the late great Dicky Fox:

“The key to this business is personal relationships.”


If you don’t have time, make time if you want to win at what you do.

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