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Find a way that works for you

Find a way that works for you

How to focus on what’s important, not just what’s urgent.

I have to admit, I struggle with this. I’m of the personality type that works on projects in short bursts. I put in the minimum amount of effort planning things, preferring instead to work with loose notes and outlines. To do the ‘ready, fire, aim’ thing. And so what ends up happening is, I put off important things until they become urgent. I kind of get off on the buzz of urgency, especially for big deadlines. The whole ‘flying by the seat of my pants’ thing is practically a mantra for me.

It’s natural to want to get deadline-driven tasks squared away and off your mental to-do list. A paradox many people face is that our most meaningful tasks are less likely to have deadlines than tasks that are relatively unimportant. – hbr

Drowning in urgency, I tell myself never again. Next time I will make a detailed plan and follow it.

It never quite goes down like that.

The trick, though, is learning to work within your given preference. For example, while I’m not a big fan of multitasking, I do, however, like to have multiple projects on the go so that when my mind goes stale on one project, I can switch to another project in process and see it with fresh eyes.

This way I am able to focus on a project until I can’t focus on it, then I switch to another of my project in progress.

Bottomline, find a way that works for you, then execute.

You may even want to try this.

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