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A reflection on learning

A reflection on learning

As learning professionals, I believe our role is to act in the interest of learning.

Sometimes that’s fun. Sometimes that’s difficult. Oftentimes is a blend of both.  If you think about what we do as learning professionals i.e. physically change the neurological connections in people’s brains – that’s a difficult task, but that’s how real learning happens.

Your learners are likely to want you to make learning easy. You know to read a few handouts, look at some slides, play a few games, half listen to you talk, then fill out a quick smiley sheet and go.

But sometimes we need to make their brains work hard and sweat. Get them to engage in deep discussions where they have to articulate their understanding, challenge other’s views and be willing to have their views challenged.

I know it’s a whole lot easier to just sit and listen. But that’s simply not enough.

To serve learning, we have to push our learners to go deeper.

A deeper level of learning requires a commitment to put in the effort to change those neurological connections which are the gateway to real learning.

Our role then, as learning professionals, is to facilitate active and collaborative learning, provide learning activities and experiences (not just content) and a safe space for the conditions of deeper learning to occur.  And we need to be on hand to act as facilitator, guide, mentor, and coach.

A tall order, for sure, but one, if you’re like me, to passionately embrace.

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