Embracing the mystery of life

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We seem bent on giving everything a label and once it’s labelled we no longer truly engage with the object or person we have labelled. Instead, we make judgements and decisions based on the idea of something, not the thing itself. If I label myself as a life-coach, for instance, you probably have a mental reference for what a life-coach …

Long Way Home

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Not long ago, I had a sort Robert Frost moment. I was in Bristol visiting the in-laws. I decided to take a path I had never walked before. The path led me through a big playing field bordered by houses and a cemetery. I always get a sense of my own mortality whenever I come across a cemetery. I see …

The Ultimate Question

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I love a good dialogue.  So when my friend, and author, Sarah Beth Hunt suggested that we get together to discuss some of life’s big questions, I was all in.  One of our favourite cafes in Leamington Spa is Havana Cafe.  I couldn’t think of a better place to have our discussion and make this podcast.  Hope you like it …

Where are you right now?

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I had an English professor named Dr Ignaffo.  Whenever he caught us daydreaming in class he would yell, “BE HERE NOW!” I was thinking today about where our minds wander throughout the day, and as a result, how much of the world around us do we miss when our mind is not present.

Drink Water New Cadet!

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I know you know you need to put down that carbonated beverage or fruity fruit juice and drink more water.  My friend Jane Jones introduced me to iOS app, My Water Balance.  What I like about the app is it gamifies drinking water.  Based on you gender, weight, and whether you are training or not, the app gives you an …

Getting the deadlift right

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It’s amazing what a second pair of eyes can do when getting your deadlift technique down.  Shoutout to my man Aaron Rose for hooking me up with some technique. Click the image. Just getting warmed up 180 Kilos. | #workout #motivation A video posted by Clay (@soulcruzer) on Mar 15, 2016 at 11:38am PDT

Oh no, not that question again!

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“Personal development can be S-L-O-W,” my friend Cathy began her blog post. She made reference to a conversation we had way back in 2008. Sometimes it takes a while to learn what we need to learn in order to evolve to the next level of our personal development. In this audio, I talk about where this exercise finds me 8 …