simple food for a simple man

I am back home after another week in Rayleigh. The hotel I stay in during the week only serves food that I have to ask someone what it is.  Yes, I could go out in town to get a bite, but my dinner allowance is mixed in with the hotel bill, so if I go out I’d have to pay out of pocket and sacrifice my free evening meal.  And who wants to pass up a free meal? That said, my priority this weekend is to eat caveman food – burgers, pizzas, ribs and chicken.

My tasks list today tells me that I have a ton of stuff to get through this weekend.  My mind, body, and soul tell me that I don’t want to do any of it.  Instead I want to sit down in my big comfy chair and read Will Self’s tough, tough toys for tough, tough boys.  Let’s see who wins.

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