don't forget the eggs

don’t forget the eggs

I’ve been on this whole high protein diet thing this past week, so I have been eating a lot of eggs.  I was coming back from the gym and had this vision of a giant egg pouring yoke out.  Original it was just going to be a picture of the running egg, but then she appear underneath the egg.

admindon’t forget the eggs
I don't judge

i don’t judge

This is a mixed media piece – spray paint, pens and paint markers on canvas sheet. I started of with the idea of doing a pin-up style drawing and then the lady just sort of fell apart, so I went with it.

admini don’t judge

unanchored and free

Been getting back into the news lately, some of the stuff going on in the world is just insane.

adminunanchored and free
are you ready for this

are you ready for this

I’ve been in the mood for revisiting my childhood influences, mainly the cartoons I grew up watching.  Popeye being one of my earliest memories.

adminare you ready for this
Hustle or Die

embarking on a drawing challenge

I’ve embarked on a 90 day drawing challenge.  The game plan is to draw a picture a day for 90 days. I’ve already started. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to blog it, but now I think it’s a good idea.  These are some of he first few I’ve done.  

adminembarking on a drawing challenge